The Homeless Bmx Rider


          I have recently viewed a video on youtube about something that really caught my eye. The video was on a guy named Robert Barranco he is known as the homeless bmx bike rider. He is homeless by choice not because something happened.




         In the video i viewed he showed how he got thru day by day, I mean he had money but he had to be responsible he only ate three meals a day and sometimes only two he spent years sleeping in a tent all around the world him and his friends. To enable his travels he only spends 10 dollars sleeps in cars, backyards, and skate park´s all holding his tent wherever he goes. As he traveled the world he made a clothing company called F.T.E it stands for, (For The Experience). Robert Barranco is a diehard BMX enthusiast that travels the world and bikes at every park he comes across.



The saying  “Do whatever you want, because one day, that’s all that’s going to matter,” is the thing Robert say´s  to himself and it keeps him going. Watching this video proves to me that it is not hard to be successful in life but it is hard to keep yourself going. I learned from his video all life is about is choices and the choices you make are the ones that make your next chapter worth it.


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