Working at a dirt bike track!

Recently I got my job back at working at the dirt bike track in Perris, California. I enjoy working there myself because growing up I rode dirt bike’s in the mountains on trails and stuff like that. Another words I know how they all feel. 


First, I enjoy working at the track, It’s crazy when you focus on some of the riders. You get to see all these kids get better and better. Some of these kids do not even go to school they train and have home studies. The kids at the track are really cool but it does suck when they fall because if I am not there for them they can possibly get landed on or it can be a lot worse. One of the races I worked there was a little kid on a little honda and he fell, next thing you know the guy behind him landed on top and broke the little kids frame on the bike.


                      Lastly, working at a dirt bike track when you are only seventeen year’s old is pretty cool. If you guys work at a track or ride dirtbikes follow my blog there will be more to come. Thank you guys for reading have a wonderful day.



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