Outside World

  People need to get outside a lot more they need some fresh air. Staying inside just causes stress for me I  can’t stand being inside I need the sunlight in my life. A lot of people need vitamin D and if you don’t know this the sun has it. It does not hurt to go outside walk around for an hour or two.
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                  First, there is a lot of people that don’t like being outside for many different reasons I myself love being outside ever since I was a little kid. I remember my older brother used to skate and that’s  where I got it from I have pictures from when I  was like six already on a board.


Being outside causes you not to have a lot of stress. Fresh air makes you lose train of thought it’s weird. It is just so refreshing being outside even at night time just lay down in the grass with a blanket and look at the stars one night.


                  In conclusion go to your doctor and ask them about your vitamin D they will tell you everything you need to know



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