Intro to skateboarding

In my lifetime growing up everybody does something like a sport or anything. As I grew up I was interested in a lot of things such as skateboarding, dirt bike’s  and bmx.  In this blog post today I will be writing about skateboarding.


                     First,    Teens do many things for  fun, growing up. Such as when I grew up I got into skateboarding. Skateboards are made in different shapes and sizes, different grip tape,wheels,bearings and even hardware. The size of the shoes on your feet really determine the size board you want. The shape depends on your style and wheels are the same. The different sizes in wheels such as 54 mm or 50 mm that is just as example. I got into skating because when I skated my mind felt so free I was not worried about anyone else.    

download    download (1)

                     In conclusion I ended up breaking my elbow and had to get a cast. I still skate every now and then but not like I used too when it was an everyday thing. Thank you for reading my blog feel free to give me any feedback on what you guys think.



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