The Homeless Bmx Rider


          I have recently viewed a video on youtube about something that really caught my eye. The video was on a guy named Robert Barranco he is known as the homeless bmx bike rider. He is homeless by choice not because something happened.




         In the video i viewed he showed how he got thru day by day, I mean he had money but he had to be responsible he only ate three meals a day and sometimes only two he spent years sleeping in a tent all around the world him and his friends. To enable his travels he only spends 10 dollars sleeps in cars, backyards, and skate park´s all holding his tent wherever he goes. As he traveled the world he made a clothing company called F.T.E it stands for, (For The Experience). Robert Barranco is a diehard BMX enthusiast that travels the world and bikes at every park he comes across.



The saying  “Do whatever you want, because one day, that’s all that’s going to matter,” is the thing Robert say´s  to himself and it keeps him going. Watching this video proves to me that it is not hard to be successful in life but it is hard to keep yourself going. I learned from his video all life is about is choices and the choices you make are the ones that make your next chapter worth it.


Outside World

  People need to get outside a lot more they need some fresh air. Staying inside just causes stress for me I  can’t stand being inside I need the sunlight in my life. A lot of people need vitamin D and if you don’t know this the sun has it. It does not hurt to go outside walk around for an hour or two.
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                  First, there is a lot of people that don’t like being outside for many different reasons I myself love being outside ever since I was a little kid. I remember my older brother used to skate and that’s  where I got it from I have pictures from when I  was like six already on a board.


Being outside causes you not to have a lot of stress. Fresh air makes you lose train of thought it’s weird. It is just so refreshing being outside even at night time just lay down in the grass with a blanket and look at the stars one night.


                  In conclusion go to your doctor and ask them about your vitamin D they will tell you everything you need to know


the bmx lifestyle

 All growing up I  have never been able to stay inside the house I grew up being outside til nine o’clock at night. In this blog post I will be talking about me biking so stay tuned and feel free to leave a comment.


              First, since a little boy I have always been active. I love to try new sports and recently I   just got into biking, I seen my friends doing it growing up so I thought I would give it a try. I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. Biking takes a lot of commitment and upper body strength. You can’t  be afraid of falling, in life you have to fall down in order to get back up and try again  and that’s where the commitment comes in. you have to trust yourself to try it and land it every time.


              The End, There is a lot of battle wounds or scars you can say to people that bike. People ask about mine all the time and to me I like telling the stories. If anyone has a story to tell about a scar feel free to comment on this post thank you once again.


Working at a dirt bike track!

Recently I got my job back at working at the dirt bike track in Perris, California. I enjoy working there myself because growing up I rode dirt bike’s in the mountains on trails and stuff like that. Another words I know how they all feel. 


First, I enjoy working at the track, It’s crazy when you focus on some of the riders. You get to see all these kids get better and better. Some of these kids do not even go to school they train and have home studies. The kids at the track are really cool but it does suck when they fall because if I am not there for them they can possibly get landed on or it can be a lot worse. One of the races I worked there was a little kid on a little honda and he fell, next thing you know the guy behind him landed on top and broke the little kids frame on the bike.


                      Lastly, working at a dirt bike track when you are only seventeen year’s old is pretty cool. If you guys work at a track or ride dirtbikes follow my blog there will be more to come. Thank you guys for reading have a wonderful day.


Intro to skateboarding

In my lifetime growing up everybody does something like a sport or anything. As I grew up I was interested in a lot of things such as skateboarding, dirt bike’s  and bmx.  In this blog post today I will be writing about skateboarding.


                     First,    Teens do many things for  fun, growing up. Such as when I grew up I got into skateboarding. Skateboards are made in different shapes and sizes, different grip tape,wheels,bearings and even hardware. The size of the shoes on your feet really determine the size board you want. The shape depends on your style and wheels are the same. The different sizes in wheels such as 54 mm or 50 mm that is just as example. I got into skating because when I skated my mind felt so free I was not worried about anyone else.    

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                     In conclusion I ended up breaking my elbow and had to get a cast. I still skate every now and then but not like I used too when it was an everyday thing. Thank you for reading my blog feel free to give me any feedback on what you guys think.